Loan Incorrect Cancellation Deadline

Lending False cancellation instructions Deadline

Lending False cancellation instructions Deadline


and was also instructed that the deadline would run “at the earliest upon receipt of the instruction”. We check your credit agreement free of charge and without obligation.The plaintiff claims that the cancellation policy in the loan agreement is not clearly formulated with regard to the start and duration of the notice period.

Ruffosbank applies incorrect cancellation policy


Over the years, the bank has used several thousand incorrect revocation instructions. However, the legal requirements of the DG publishing house, which creates the cancellation policy for the Austrian Post AG, have already been undermined several times. This gives the consumer concerned the opportunity to terminate the loan agreement several years after the conclusion of the contract.

Because the 14-day deadline does not apply due to the use of a wrong cancellation policy on the part of the bank concerned. Bank customers of Ostery Post AG would thus have the opportunity today to terminate their loan agreements. “This” unlimited “right to objection is currently becoming a” contradiction joker “for Ruffosbank customers: on the one hand, consumers are not in a situation in which they have to pay the penalty for early repayment.

Unlike in the case of termination, this fee is not payable in case of withdrawal and cancellation of the contract. This allows our bank customers to easily and quickly convert their debts. On the other hand, interest rates are currently at a very low level. By combining both components, debtors can take a lot by resigning from the agreement.

With the revocation instructions attached to the credit agreement, the borrower is informed at the beginning of the contract as follows: “The period runs after conclusion of the contract, but only if the borrower has provided all the information required by 492 (2) BGB (eg details of the annual interest rate, details at Contract form, details of the supervisor responsible for the lender).

“The information used by Ruffosbank is not obligatory, but superfluous, which is why the cancellation policy beyond the beginning of the period is too vague and unacceptable, so that the order applied by Ruffosbank contradicts the principle of clarity, which is an outflow of § 355 Abs. 2 BGB (old version) is.

Instead, customers and service customers who were misinformed about the opposition were given a deadline of one year and 14 days. However, customers who were wrongly informed about their termination rights between 2002 and 2010 can only terminate their loan agreements until the twentieth of June 2016.

The affected Austrian Post customers should therefore act swiftly so that they can continue to profit from their previously unlimited pay-out rights. Our recommendation: Undo today! As a borrower of Ostery Post AG, you should immediately terminate your loan due to the very short time until the twentieth half of 2016 if you want to benefit from the advantageous debt restructuring option.

In view of the clearly shortened withdrawal period, we advise interested parties to act quickly! You will receive a free first consultation from us including a first review of the cancellation policy on their errors and thus on the revocation of the loan agreement. You may also use the pattern provided by us for revocation and exercise your right of withdrawal within the time limit.

Because of the short time until the deadline an acceleration is necessary. To ensure compliance with the deadline, you can cancel the order yourself with our sample returns.

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