Payday loans direct lenders -I need a payday loan direct lender: No third party

Loan … You need money but are you negative? Who has not heard this call? Loan  Financial stands out in the loan and personal credit market throughout Brazil as an institution of great credibility and tradition. Currently, it has more than 600 service points, present in 26 states of Brazil and the Federal District, totaling more than 1 million customers who purchase the financial products and services with total security.

Currently offering a personal loan for Federal, State and Municipal Public Servants, the line of credit is directed to those employees who already have loans in progress with other financial institutions and banks or have restrictions in credit bureau and CCF. This Creditko personal loan solution is excellent as it does not “query credit bureau” and does not depend on the assignable margin to realize the hiring.

I need a payday loan direct lender: No third party

A payday loan direct lender with no third party via help its clients to solve the most urgent problems with a great rate and deadline. 

The advantages are many, it does not need to be assigned, it does not consult the credit protection agencies (credit bureau/credit bureau / CCF), it does not need to present a checkbook and the customer still has up to 45 days to pay the 1st installment.

Creditko Simulation and Loan Calculation

In the personal loan to negative there are many risks to the financial, interest rates charged by Creditko is on average 17% to 21% per month. Below, you can do the ” loan simulation ” to calculate how much you would pay at Creditko or any other bank.

Creditko for employees and self-employed

Financial also has the personal loan for Retirees and Pensioners of Institute of Social Security (not the Institute of Social Security payroll). With this type of special credit line, Creditko releases for those who are retired or are Institute of Social Security pensioner fast and uncomplicated money to solve problems, along with all the convenience of the discount made on the day of receiving the benefit.

The advantages of this loan are excellent, the discount is direct account on the day of receipt of the benefit or pension of the insured of the Institute of Social Security, without consulting the credit bureau, the maximum amount of installments will depend on the analysis of your profile and the documents presented, do not need present a guarantor and have no bureaucracy when it comes to hiring.

Salaried and self-employed also get personal loans at Creditko, but for this they need to prove income through a formal contract or income tax.

Anticipation Income Tax

 Anticipation Income Tax

Who is a Public Servant, Retired and Pensioner who got the negative name in the square , has one more exclusive advantage, to get money in advance to pay debts, to carry out projects, to travel, to do business or to buy some good, just to request “anticipation of refund of your Income Tax “.

Anticipate 13th Salary at Creditko

This is a personal credit line for those who want to anticipate their 13th salary , but need money now (at Creditko it leaves within 24 hours). The money released goes directly to the contractor’s current account, without delay or bureaucracy, interest rates are low and the loan repayment is made when the annual payment ( 13th salary ) is credited by the company. Public Servants, Retired and Pensioners of the Institute of Social Security that are negative, can request in Creditko the anticipation of the 13th salary without any difficulty.

Top questions about Creditko

Can I borrow by phone?
Not all cases, but may yes, Creditko sends a bearer of one of the correspondents at the customer’s address. To find out if the store closest to your home offers this service, just call.

Who has restrictions on the name, can I make a loan?
Yes, this modality of credit only the Creditko loan makes available in the market, but the granting of the loans are exclusively to public servants, retirees and pensioners who are negativados.

You may also like to know what the Creditko interest rates are. A big doubt of the users that pass here in the Portal is if the Creditko loan is or is not consigned discover! Creditko Financial makes personal loans without bureaucracy and without consultation.

Business Loan

Creditko has created a unique and differentiated line of credit for companies . It is a simple loan solution for small and medium entrepreneurs who want to start or expand their businesses, production or commerce.

With Creditko’s commercial loans , its pursuit of funds to build or expand its business ends satisfactorily. Creditko understands your need to borrow the company quickly and easily to make the most of the opportunities available in the market.

Online loan at Creditko Digital

 Online loan at Crefisa Digital

Loan for negativado with restriction and without consultation, that is, credit without credit verification. At Creditko you can lend money quickly and without bureaucracy. Check out the facilities:

  1. Easy to apply – Just fill out the online form and wait for an online loan offer
  2. No credit check – No credit check, loan, and released without checking credit bureau or credit bureau
  3. Secure and confidential – All your information is protected and the transactions between you and Creditko are encrypted
  4. Quick and easy approval – You get approval in a few minutes
  5. Short repayment term – The repayment period of the loan installments is up to 12 months
  6. Easy to Qualify – Just proving your ability to repay the loan is important and few basic requirements
  7. Quick release – Money is deposited into your bank account on the same business day or next business day.
  8. Minimal bureaucracy – Everything is done quickly and easily online

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